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By entering your profile and contact details into the Database and allowing them to be visible, you become available to other individuals registered in the Database to contact you. If you decide to hide your profile, other members of the Database (except the administrator of this website) would not be able to see your profile and contact details. However, this does not prevent you from searching for and/or contacting other members of the Database.

The purpose of the Database on this website is to enable individuals and/or groups of individuals to search for and contact its other members, who support the idea of establishing an independent research organization, the primary purpose of which would be to determine the possibilities of establishing the Sustainable Socio-Economic System and conducting the gradual transition toward it. Furthermore, another purpose of the Database is to enable its members to discuss the possibilities regarding conducting projects, aimed toward establishing the previously mentioned research organization. All of these projects could only be conducted independently from this website.

In order to be carried out successfully, particular projects would require team members to possess particular skills and every member of the Database would therefore have the option to select particular academic disciplines that he or she is skilled at.

By being visible in the Database, you are not obliged to participate in any project nor are you obliged to discuss the details of any subject with anyone who contacts you.

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