Projects in progress

Projects, divided into two groups, are currently being conducted independently of this website. The first group of projects is aimed toward establishing an independent research organization, the primary purpose of which would be to determine the possibilities of establishing  the Sustainable Socio-Economic System and conducting the gradual transition toward it, while the second group of projects in other ways contributes toward bringing human society closer to the Sustainable Socio-Economic System.

Projects, aimed toward establishing the independent research organization

Currently no projects.

Projects, in other ways contributing toward bringing society closer to the Sustainable Socio-Economic System

One Community

One Community is creating open source and free-shared resources and solutions for Highest Good food, energy, housing, education, for-profit and non-profit economics design, social architecture, fulfilled living, stewardship practices and more. The resources that One Community is creating can be implemented as individual components or complete teacher/demonstration hubs, intentionally purposed to spin-off additional teacher/demonstration hubs as awareness and knowledge grow.